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Marble Factory

Embark on a journey of elegance with our marble collection, sourced directly from quarries and meticulously processed using state-of-the-art tools. Whether it's the precision of 3D sculpting or the finesse of articulating slabs, our craftsmanship reflects unparalleled quality. Explore our latest innovation – a proprietary lightweight 3D marble, offering structural integrity with an installation-friendly touch. Elevate your spaces with the beauty of dimensionality, uniquely crafted for both aesthetics and practicality. 
Experience the innovation firsthand with our 3D marble samples, available upon request. Redefine luxury with our exclusive marble solutions.


3Dimensional Processing

Cutting form raw material thats directly provided by quarry, we make the most darring design possible.

Manifold 3D marble.jpg

Attention to Details

Sculptured from raw materials or slabs, we have unique marble details to celebrate the design intent.

fireplace 2.jpg

Curves in Marble

Our extensive processing knowledge allows us to "bend" the flag marble slab into curves with multi-steps of processing. The result is a stunning organic-shaped natural stone with a realistic budget.

Manifold 3D Marble 02.png

Organic & Lightweight

Our latest R&D enables us to create marble that not only with complex curvature but is also very light in weight. Thanks to our proprietary technology, we are able to fabricate large, curved marble panels at extremely lightweight. 

Enquire for more details & estimate.


Forming Capabilities

  • 5 Axis CNC Milling

  • 5 Axis Water Jetting

  • Honey Comb Lightweight Structure

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