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3D Metalwork

Cold robotic forming, bending. Or liquid metal forming. We have different options of digital fabrication method for design demand.

Perforated Metal

Manifold Perforated metal offers architects & designers create unique expressions for the facade, screens and interior walls. They provide excellent economy, choice of finishes, and turnaround time. 

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Image Sampling

Developed by the Manifold crew, our image sampler algorithm converts your image into perforation. Here are a few examples:

For architects, landscape architects and interior designers, we offer our Image Wall algorisms at free of charge. Please enquire the details from below: 


We offer durable a variety of different finishes:

Powder Coating is a smooth & durable coating, that come with a variety of colours.

Fluoro Carbon is preferred for its metallic finish and textured surface. 

Gold Plating is available for Gold, Rose Gold and White gold plating, in both mirror or brushed finish.

UV Printing is available to print full colour photos for outdoor use. 

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  • Laser Cut

  • Hole Punching

  • CNC

  • Single Curvature Bending

  • Double Curvature Digital Forming

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Schedule a
Showroom Visit

Visit us at 2710 - 14th Ave, Markham

Nothing is better to see the material in person.

Digital Fabrication Material Handbook

Product Brochure, Specifications & Detail Drawings

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