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Winslow - The Oval

The oval functions as a public art installation, acting as a symbolic link between the historical context, Lawrence Park, and the sophisticated Winslow condominium. In collaboration with Janet Rosenberg & Studio and Devron Development, the oval has been intricately crafted into an organic shape, capturing the essence of its surroundings from various perspectives and illuminating the corridor.

Manifold LabDSCF4807_edited.png
SSManifold LabDSCF4371.jpg
Manifold LabDSCF4343.jpg
Manifold LabDSCF4333.jpg
Manifold LabDSCF4774 _2.jpg

Client: Devron Developments

Design Development & Fabrication: Manifold Lab

Landscape Architect: Janet Rosenberg & Studio

Architect: ERA Architects

Photo: Eric Lau

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